Block management

Choosing Pearsons property management is to entrust your property to people who know their business.

Entrusting your property to an agent is a daunting experience.

Choosing Pearsons Property Management is to entrust your property to people who know their business. We have over 32 years experience in the property management field and our experience means that your property is in safe hands.

Pearsons Property Management provides a quality management service, which is tailored to suit individual client needs while at the same time providing the highest level of service. We also ensure that we liaise closely with any resident committee.

If you already have contractors that you are happy with, these need not change. We are more than happy to take all of this on board at the commencement of our contract with you and to ensure a smooth change over.

We always bear in mind that you have a choice of agent and feel that we provide a fair price for fine professionalism.

To discuss your property requirements please contact Pearsons Property Management.

The fee for our services is calculated at £120 + VAT per unit.

Gill Smith
Property Management

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