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Welcome to the Spring edition of Dwell

  • 29 June, 2016

Welcome to the
Spring edition of Dwell, which heralds a transition into what is generally
regarded as the busiest period in the property calendar.  

It has certainly been an interesting and eventful first half of 2016, with the housing market having to adjust to some significant changes in legislation, which govern policy and practise in the property sector, coming into effect. The most recent of these is the Mortgage Credit Directive, which serves to regulate the information available to home buyers across the European Union, as well as setting a standard for advisory bodies being able to operate under an 'independent' status. It's created a pressing need for those seeking guidance about the mortgage products on offer to seek out the advice of a reputable agent while lenders reconsider their position. We go into more detail on what this means for prospective buyers on page 37. 

April also heralded the introduction of new rates of stamp duty, meaning that properties sold over the value of £125,000 are now subject to an additional 3% in fees. It's a change to legislation that has long been anticipated, and it will be interesting to see in the coming weeks and months what impact, if any, this has on the movement of the housing market. The race to market that was hotly tipped in 2015 never quite came into fruition with the market maintaining a stronghold throughout the latter part of the last quarter. If early indication is anything to go by, the current trend doesn't presently show any signs of slowing down. 

Our Country and Individual homes clients will again have the opportunity for their property to be marketed to the lucrative London audience as we embark on our second London Property Exhibition. This is just one of the new initiatives we introduced as part of the Country and Individual Homes service during 2015, and we were especially pleased with the response our portfolio received when we trialled this service for the first time last year. With the South of England within prime commuter belt territory, London is one of the key areas where the demographic of potential buyers looking to purchase unique character homes outside of the city reside. To be able to market our clients' properties directly to these prospective buyers, in a personable, face-to-face capacity, in our opinion affords the opportunity to sell their home quickly, and for the best possible price. Please speak to your local office if you have an interest in showcasing your property as part of the upcoming exhibitions for 2016. 

As always we have an eclectic and impressive selection of properties for sale in South Hampshire included in this edition of Dwell.  Read it here online or call into your local branch to pick up a copy.

You'll find property indexed by local office for your convenience, sitting alongside some great editorial content. If you have any questions regarding our Country and Individual Homes service please do visit our website for more information or contact a member of the team who will be all too happy to assist you. 

Mark Gilbert

Managing Director
Pearsons Estate Agents