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Helping in the Community

  • 24 April, 2020

Having seen an article in the local press the team at Southampton office had a bit of a lightbulb moment. They had recently sold a house to the owner of a cleaning supply company and thought that maybe they could do something to help. 

Staff at the Amberley Care Agency on Watkin Road in Hedge End had appealed to local businesses and residents to donate vital supplies so that they could keep on caring for their clients, majority of whom are over the age of 85 and are most vulnerable to the virus. Their usual supplier of these items was no longer providing them in enough quantities.  

"When we heard what was happening we wandered if our purchaser who owns a local cleaning company Direct Clean could help. We gave him a call and before we knew it he went to the rescue of the Hedge End Care Agency following their appeal for donations of sanitiser, gloves and face masks desperately needed in their care of the elderly.  In addition to their donation, Direct clean have said: “If they can be of further help wherever possible they will”.  Just another example of how working together and thinking of others is so important at this time.